Hawthorn Citizens' Youth Club

WEBSITE http://hawthornweightlifting.com/

Mermet Victorian Weightlifting Stadium
34 Linda Crescent Hawthorn 3122

Postal Address: PO BOX 7 Hawthorn VIC 3122 Contact: Anthony Dove
Mobile: 0408 202 186

About Us

Weightlifting is a competitive sport catering for any competitor regardless of sex, age, weight, height, shape or size.

It is a dynamic Olympic sport relying on speed and flexibility as well as strength.

Competition takes place on a platform 4 m square where each athlete attempts two different types of lift: the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Each performer is given three attempts with their highest successful weight on each exercise being added together to make a Total. The competitor wit the highest Total wins.

Competitors compete in bodyweight categories. There as eight bodyweight categories for men and seven for women:

Men: 56kg; 62kg; 69kg; 77kg; 85kg; 94kg; 105kg; over 105kg

Women: 48kg; 53kg; 58kg; 63kg; 75kg; over 75kg.

Lifts are made using a metal barbell approximately 2 metres long, to which rubberised discs are added. These discs are colour coded to aid recognition : red – 25kg; blue-20kg; yellow-15kg; green-10kg and small metal discs 5kg; 2.5kg; 2kg; 1kg and .5kg. The load is fixed with metal collars weighing 2.5 kg each.

Competition weights are made up of multiples of 1 kg and records can be attempted by minimum of 1kg.

There are detailed technical rules in weightlifting. These are enforced by three referees who adjudicate on each lift by showing a special display either a red or a white light. A red light for a missed lift or one judged not to be in accordance with the rules and a white for a valid lift.

Competitors wear a brief costume to allow freedom of movement. Special weightlifting shoes are used to ensure a solid footing. Many wear cloth or rubberised wrapping to provide warmth and support and leather belts are also popular items of apparel.

Chalk is applied to the athletes hands to prevent the bar from slipping. 


12 months Membership fees for Hawthorn Weightlifting Club
(including use of the Stadium facility and coaching)

- Senior: $380

- Tertiary Student Concession: $280

- Under 20: $200

- Under 18/16: $180

- Official: $88.