Mission Statement

"To Provide a local administrative, advisory and advocacy service to various arts, recreational and sports based activities to residents of and visitors to Boroondara; encompassing all age groups, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, economic circumstances and intellectual and physical abilities.

To facilitate the provision of intellectual, physical and financial resources to all activities, provided through the Club; maximising the opportunities for all individuals to achieve their potential in their chosen field. "


Aims and vision of the Hawthorn Citizens' Youth Club.


• To provide a welcoming accessible community atmosphere.

• To be the best managed not-for-profit community organisation.

• For the HCYC Committee to administratively and financially effective and accountable.

• To lift the profile of HCYC and grow new sources of revenue.

• To work and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

• To provide a range of diverse activities to support the community.

• To foster and encourage youth's social, personal and physical development.

• To provide a range of diverse activities to support the community.


Hawthorn Citizens' Youth Club offers a wide range of activities to the Boroondara community. Including Badminton, Calisthenics, Chinese Dance, Contemporary Dance, Judo, Mind over Mattress, Nia and Weightlifting. With a history of over 70 years our club prides itself on community relationships and works closely with The City of Boroondara to offer activities to all walks of life.